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We’re Izzie and Dale, a couple from the UK who love travel and exploring the world – that’s why we’re travelling to as many countries as possible.

After a terrible year of being locked down in a small city in the UK, we realised how important travel is to us. We believe it expands our horizons and teaches tolerance for other people, places and cultures. That’s why we’ve quit our jobs, sold everything we own and made no plans to return… until our money runs out!

As well as travelling to the main tourist sites, we want to show another side to travel by immersing ourselves in the local culture. You might have already seen hundreds of videos on some countries we visit and absolutely none on others. Either way, we’re on the hunt for adventure and we hope you enjoy our vlogs.

We’ve spent years learning how to stretch our budget and make our trips last as long as possible, without missing out on fun things. Essentially, we now travel for free (kinda) by working our way around the world. Find out how to travel cheaper and longer by reading our travel hacking blogs.

If you have any questions, want to collaborate with us or even just want to talk travel, please feel free to contact us.

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Check out our blogs on how to travel cheaper and longer by travel hacking and our recipes from around the world!

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Part two of our tips for how to get cheap flights delves a little deeper into ways you can save some cash when booking flights. After looking at comparison website algorithms, mistake fairs and promo codes sites, we analysed which methods actually work and have collected them into a simple list.

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