Five Apps That Will Help You Keep Track of Your Expenses While Travelling

It doesn’t matter how big your travel budget is, you always go over it! Especially when you’re not sure exactly how much you spent in your native currency. Travel expenses apps are a great way of keeping an eye on how much you’re spending. We’ve trialed A LOT of these apps to bring you a list of the five very best. Trail Wallet This is actually the one that we currently use. After testing them Read more…

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10 More Proven Tips for Booking Cheap Flights

Part two of our tips for how to get cheap flights delves a little deeper into ways you can save some cash when booking flights. After looking at comparison website algorithms, mistake fairs and promo codes sites, we analysed which methods actually work and have collected them into a simple list.

10 Proven Tips for Booking Cheap Flights

There are many quick tips and trick for how to get cheap flights. Some of these are internet myths, others worked with the old algorithms airlines used, but are now out dated. Ours have been tried and tested by travellers (including us) and are still a great way to get cheap fight tickets to stunning destinations.

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